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The Collaborations Group

Is a New York City based organization founded with the primary purpose of creating opportunities for actors, filmmakers and entertainment professionals to come together and share their talents, ideas, and experiences. So with that motivation we set out to create events that serve as a vehicle for the advancement of theater, television and film professionals through COLLABORATIONS!

Creator Shiek Mahmud-Bey, a theater and silver screen thespian sees The Collaborations Group as a way of giving back, and creating opportunity.


"The ultimate goal is to serve as a collaborative vehicle between artists in the New York City area and eventually all over the world. I want to help artists manifest their vision."

Collaborations is a revolutionary way of being introduced to and network with some of the movie industry’s amazingly talented actors, writers, directors, casting directors, and producers. It’s sprinkled with a touch of celebrity guests and a great party at the end of it all.


A group of handpicked, pre-auditioned actors will SHOWCASE a variety of two-minute monologues & scenes that will blow your mind! Also, we’ll be screening a series of 15 minute movie shorts from some of the industry’s most creative and insightful directors. There will also be brief talkback sessions with each director. Talent evaluators from several film, television and theater companies will be front and center viewing the craft of our performers and hopefully inspiring some future artistic collaborations. Closing out the night, our DJ will get everyone on their feet with an amazing music set. This is an event you won’t want to miss! We look forward to sharing the extraordinary experience that is Collaborations.

The Collaborations Group

P.O. Box 734

Peck Slip Station

New York, NY 10272


Phone: 347-674-4355



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