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Directing Classes

Shiek Mahmud-Bey

Shiek Mahmud-Bey has an extensive resume with an impressive body of work that extends over 30 years! Starting in this business as an Actor. Shiek has starred in movies like The Martyr Maker, Night Falls on Manhattan, Kiss of Death, Buffalo Soldiers. Starred opposite Academy Award winning actors such as Joaquin Phoenix, Robert Dinero, Marcia Gay Harden, and Ed Harris, to name a few. TV Series Regular on NBC's Profiler. Creator, actor, director and producer on shows like The Inner Circle, and Smokin' Good currently streaming on platforms such as Amazon Prime and Tubi. Having been directed by filmmaking legends Sidney Lumet, Barbet Schroeder, Brian De Palma, Irwin Winkler, and Joel Schumacher. Shiek has taken his expertise and experience

in filmmaking to the New York Film Academy where he teaches Directing, Directing actors, and Producing. Now, he's taking all of his insight and knowledge to mentor the next generation of independent filmmakers.


There's a new rave in Hollywood filmmaking with the resourcefulness of the iphone. What does Steven Soderbergh "Unsane", Jay Alvarez "I play with the Phrase each other" Chris Nong "The Editor", Matthew Pearce "Dragonborn", Malik Bendjelloul "Searching for Superman", all have in common? You guessed it, the iphone! The film industry is constantly changing and evolving. Now is the time

for the independent filmmaker. Create your own opportunity! Hollywood is making movies using the iphone, why not the independent filmmaker? Learn how to pursue your purpose with the convenience of using your handy iphone.

7 day program

Starting on Monday and ending Sunday. This 7 day program will set the foundation needed to become a successful filmmaker. Each student will learn how to create,write, shoot and direct a series of film projects. A total of 2 films will be shot focusing on mise en scene, and a final film. Students will take the skills acquired throughout this process to conclude in

shooting one movie complete with both music and sound. Along with a certificate of completion. Each student will walk away with extensive detailed knowledge of what it takes to be a great storyteller. And, a beginners director's reel!

Price - $1497

14 day program

This two week course meets Monday thru Friday and will be divided into two parts. In-class instruction and the production of Three short films! With the careful, detailed, and specific hands on guidance given. Each student will develop a substantial understanding of directing movies.

While learning the basic tools,for mastering their craft of filmmaking.

Students will create, shoot and direct a series of film projects. These projects will focus on mise en scene, continuity, and final film. The last week of this class will challenge each student, as they focus on the final project, budgeting, casting, locations, and editing. At the end of this two week program. Each student will receive a certificate of completion, a director's reel, and an in-depth knowledge needed to continue on their journey to become a successful director.

Price - $2447

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