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SHIEK STUDIO Leads in Creating Opportunity and Growth!!


Award wining Actor, Producer, Director Shiek Mahmud-Bey.

Shiek Studio is a complete acting workshop designed by Actor/Director/Producer Shiek Mahmud-Bey, to specifically prepare the actor to work with confidence and consistency in the highly creative, demanding and fast pace TV, Theater, and Film industry. Shiek brings more than 25 years of solid acting experience to his workshops, where he focuses his attention on Auditioning, Scene Study, and Character Development; challenging actors to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. He forces them to free up, and be in the moment. To trust themselves with the uncommon, and common familiarities of the characters they’re portraying. Living in the moment, and creating the human experience!

"Shiek has taught me things that other acting coaches don't bother teaching their students. I apply them to every audition that I go to; and, it is those very details that have, ultimately, sealed the deal for me.... "

Erin Sanderson -

"Where Do Heart Lie" Starring Clifton Power, Malik Yoba, "Man who walked the Dog" DMX DJ Supreme story, "Preston"

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