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Shiekstudios Masterclass

Full Payment



       3 Day Acting

   Master Class!!


Shiekstudios Acting Master class is non like any other. 3 Days of in-depth Character Development on how to discover the psychological truth of the character and bring it to life on stage or screen. 


 This Masterclass goes beyond the surface level of acting techniques and delves into the depths of understanding a character's motivations, fears, needs and desires. Through a series of exercises, discussions, and scene work, participants will learn how to analyze a script and uncover the psychological truth of their character. They will explore various techniques to connect with their character on a deeper level, including emotional memory, sense memory, and improvisation. 

 The master class will also focus on the importance of physicality in portraying a character. Participants will learn how to use their body language, gestures, and movement to convey the inner thoughts and emotions of their character. In addition to the practical aspects of character development, the master class will also touch on the psychological aspects of acting. 

 Actors will learn how to tap into their own emotions and experiences to create authentic and believable performances. By the end of the three days, participants will have a solid foundation in character development and a toolkit of techniques to use in their future acting endeavors. They will leave the Masterclass with a deeper understanding of the craft of acting and the ability to bring complex and multi-dimensional characters to life. 

 Shiekstudios Acting Master class is a transformative experience that will challenge and inspire actors to push their boundaries and reach new heights in their craft. It is a unique opportunity to gain invaluable insights into the art of acting from award winning Actor, Director, Producer Shiek Mahmud-Bey. Who brings 30+ years of experience in film, television and theater working on the A-list level.

Classes are recorded and actors will be sent copies of their work, for further growth.




 Dates: October 27-29  

 Where: 919 S Main st Royal Oak MI 48067
    Time: 2pm 8pm EST

$400.00 -   w/$160 deposit - Ends Oct 7,   2023
-   w/$160 deposit - Ends Oct 10, 2023
$575.00 -   All payments in full by  Oct  22, 2023



Full Payment


All payments are final. No Refunds. All rights reserved, without recourse [12USC411] [12USC412]

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